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Our Mission:

At SlotMode.guide it is our mission to offer only the highest quality, most reputable, and fastest paying online casinos for your enjoyment.  We also provide links to the best “Free Play” casino software on the Net. Many companies own and operate their own casino directories. You’ll see a lot of different casino games at these sites, but the software that’s running them is all the same.

SlotMode is a great source for free game demos and reviews. Using our website is an excellent method to increase your gaming knowledge. We have extensive expertise with the internet casino industry and particular games. Furthermore, we provide a large number of free games, such as the Buffalo Casino slot, for your educational enjoyment.

At SlotMode.guide, we list many different casino companies that are actually tested before we recommend them in our “Top”.  That way, we ensure the integrity of our site and gain the trust of thousands of new online gamblers every year.

To qualify for our “Top”, our intricate grading methods test each site in 20 different categories.  Among those categories, the most important to SlotMode.guide is odds, payout times, Service, Support, and Gaming Options.  A site will be eliminated for missing the mark in just one area.  Below are a few examples of our test categories:

Download & Installation:

SlotMode.guide personally tests all software on our own systems to check the speed, ease of installation, bugs, etc.

For sites that offer games in Java, we test for quality, game selection, and stable connectivity.

Tech Support:

No-one wants to waste time. A casino’s Tech Support options greatly affect their chances of being listed in our “Top”.

Software Quality:

Only Casinos that offer the latest, highest quality software are listed at SlotMode.guide.  We grade all software for graphics, sound, user-friendliness and game selection.

Opening an Account:

We open accounts at each casino site, to grade how easily this can be done and even test Tech Support for help with any problems that may arise in this area.

The Odds:

When we’re testing a site, if we don’t win at least a couple of times, we won’t recommend that casino.


At SlotMode.guide, customer satisfaction is paramount.  We verify that all payouts are handled accurately, and the payment of winnings is made within a reasonable time delay.

Unfortunately, there are always a few casinos that try to take advantage of their customers.  These sites cause problems and only end up giving on-line gambling a bad name. At SlotMode.guide we do our best to ensure that these undesirable sites do not get new business through us!  There are probably thousands of online casinos, but here at SlotMode.guide, we only list the very best.

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