Canadian Gambling Commissions


Alberta Ministry of Gambling: This is the entity which is in control of dividing regulations of various types of gambling into small and more specific authorities.

Alberta Gambling and Liquor Commission: This is the commission that is in control of the regulation and licensing of charitable gaming.

Alberta Lottery Fund: This is the entity that is in control of the income that has been made from both ticket and video lotteries, as well as the income made from slot machines.

Horse Racing Alberta: This entity is in control of overseeing the entire industry of horse racing.

Alberta Gambling Research Council: This is the council in charge of controlling the various activities revolving around the Alberta Gaming Research Institute.

British Columbia

British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement: A branch of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General which is in control of the regulation regarding the gaming which takes place in the Province.


Manitoba Gaming Control Commission: This commission is the one that is in charge of regulating and controlling the gaming which occurs within the Province.

Manitoba Horse Racing Commission: This commission regulates harness and thoroughbred betting.

Manitoba Lotteries Commission: The one in control of the management of two casinos, plus the video lottery terminals and other lottery-related products.

New Brunswick

Regional Atlantic Lottery Corporation: A sector of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation is the Lotteries Commission of New Brunswick.


Trade Practices and Licensing Division: The one in control over regulating the lotteries and the bingo games in both Newfoundland and in Labrador.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Authority: This entity is the one that maintains control over such things as licensing and regulating those gaming activities that occur in the province.

Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation: This is the one that is in control of operating those casinos which are located in the province.


Alcohol and Gaming Commission: The one that is in charge of the regulation of slot games and the casinos.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation: The entity that operates the bingo games, racino slots, lottery products, casinos, charities, and Indian casinos.

Prince Edward Island

Attorney Generals Consumer Division: This is the division which is in control of regulating the bingo games, lotteries, raffles, and casino nights.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation: This Corporation is the one in charge of the operating of the lottery which is located within the province.


Regie Des alcools, Des Courses Et Des Jeux – Is in control over the regulation regarding the lotteries, gaming, and horse races that occur in the province.

Loto Quebec: This is the entity that is in control of the operations of three different casinos and also administers bingo activities and a video lottery system.


Saskatchewan Gaming Authority: This authority is the one that is mostly in control over the regulations of several forms of wagering which occur in the province. It is also in control of the registration of the suppliers as well as the employees within the gaming industry.

Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation: This is the entity that has control over the operation of two casinos.

Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority: This entity is in control of the operation of the First Nations Casinos located in the province.


Western Canada Lottery Corporation: This entity takes care of the operations of the agencies that are in charge of the regulations regarding gambling in these areas.

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