Progressive Jackpots

RTP: 96.7%
Min. bet: 0.25
RTP: 95.62% 0.10
RTP: 92%
MIn. bet: 0.20

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot, typically on a video poker or slot machine that has a value that increases in small increments until it is won. The amount of the jackpot goes up every time the game is played. Typically, there are several slot machines or video poker machines that are linked together.

This allows the jackpot to grow more rapidly as all the machines will have players that are contributing to the jackpot at once. You generally can find a lot of progressive jackpot games when playing at Jackpot City Casino.

Jackpot Meter

Each slot game or video poker machine that has a progressive jackpot will have a meter above it that shows a monetary value. Most of the time a progressive jackpot can only be one when the maximum bet is played and the highest winning combination is hit, such as a royal flush on a video poker machine or the highest paying symbol, such as three sevens on another type of slot machine.

The amount of the jackpot will increase a minimum amount as each machine that is connected is played. The amount that the progressive jackpot rises is set by the “house” or the casino. For example, a machine that offers the house a 5% edge could have a 1% increase for a generous contribution from the casino. The casino will offer some of the profits back to the machines that are linked by the jackpot for several reasons.

  1. Players are attracted by the novelty of progressive jackpots as there are not very many machines that are connected in this way.
  2. The meter is always changing, which draws players as the amounts get higher and higher and therefore more enticing to the player.
  3. The lighting display of the meter is typically lit with LCD or LED lights to make it more attractive and to draw players in. Mr Green Casino has many of these such displays, be sure to check them out!

Jackpot Qualifications

On most progressive jackpot machines only people that play the maximum bet are eligible to win the top prize. However, all wagers on the machine, max or minimum, will contribute to the amount of the progressive jackpot. This results in the games that require 10 credit wagers to qualify for a progressive jackpot typically have higher jackpot levels than games that require less, such as 5 credit wagers in order to qualify. Platinum Play Casino has some of the juiciest progressives available anywhere online so pay them a visit…

Break-Even Points and Advantage Play

In many of the progressive jackpot games, there is a break-even point for the house. When the jackpot reaches this point it is most likely to be won. However, the break-even point for slot machines is difficult to determine.

This makes it difficult to know when there is a bigger advantage to playing the machine. It is easier to calculate break-even points on video poker machines as there is a mathematical percentage based on poker hand odds.

There are “advantage” players that play progressive jackpot machines only when there is a positive expectation of the jackpot being won. Some of these players form teams to take up the row of progressive jackpot machines at a time when they are most likely to win.

While there is no guarantee that you are going to win and the house always has the advantage on slot machines, these progressive jackpot slot machines offer a fun way to gamble.

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