Free Online Roulette

Free Online Roulette


Game info

Game typeTable game
Roulette typeEuropean Roulette
FeaturesDouble all bets, Re-use the same net, Autoplay

Betting Rules

The classic European Roulette wheel has 37 pockets, numbered from 0 to 36. The zero pockets are green, the rest are coloured red or black.


Playing Roulette Advanced is easy. First, choose the amount you want to bet by clicking on the coins located in the right corner. Bets start from 0.10 and go all the way up to 5,000. Once you are happy with your selection, place your bet on the corresponding option. Click Spin if you enjoy the tension or Quick Spin if you cannot wait to see the result.


Roulette Advanced features a Racetrack option that provides an alternative way to place roulette bets. The numbers on the racetrack are placed in the same order as they appear on the wheel. You can make straight bets or any of the 5 special bets including neighbour bets.


Use the billboard to view information about the game including winning numbers, statistics, and number stacks. You can also place Hot or Cold bets, making this one functional billboard! History goes as far back as the previous 14 wins helping you place smarter bets on the next game.

Roulette is one of the most sophisticated online games, where you can have great fun and huge profits by betting on one of the traditional casino games, in Europe, United States and all around the world in general.

But what we know about the history of this fascinating game, which dates back hundreds of years ago? It is not known exactly, but it is supposed that this game had its origin among the legionnaires of Ancient Rome and some believe that was Tibet where this game was originated.

However, according to the name “roulette”, it is most likely that the modern game as we know it, has had its origins in France. Apparently, then spread from there to England, America and around the world.

Let’s see which types are the best-known Internet Roulette types. There are two types of roulette, American and European.

The American has a “double zero” at the wheel, while the European version, which is the most popular around the world, has a single zero on the wheel. Normally we mainly play European roulette, but for those who love the American version, it is also available on our website.

Roulette is for excellence the symbol of land and online casinos. With the new technologies,  now you can play internet roulette from the comfort of your home with the big advantage that you can find a lot of games on a single website.
We can also play the most advanced version of the game, which is “mobile roulette”. where you can access the game from your mobile phone and enjoy a moment wherever you are.

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