Free Online Roulette

Free Online Roulette


Game info

Game type Table game
RTP 97.3%
Roulette type European Roulette
Features Double all bets, Re-use the same net, Autoplay

Betting Rules

The classic European Roulette wheel has 37 pockets, numbered from 0 to 36. The zero pockets are green, the rest are coloured red or black.


Playing Roulette Advanced is easy. First, choose the amount you want to bet by clicking on the coins located in the right corner. Bets start from 0.10 and go all the way up to 5,000. Once you are happy with your selection, place your bet on the corresponding option. Click Spin if you enjoy the tension or Quick Spin if you cannot wait to see the result.


Roulette Advanced features a Racetrack option that provides an alternative way to place roulette bets. The numbers on the racetrack are placed in the same order as they appear on the wheel. You can make straight bets or any of the 5 special bets including neighbour bets.


Use the billboard to view information about the game including winning numbers, statistics, and number stacks. You can also place Hot or Cold bets, making this one functional billboard! History goes as far back as the previous 14 wins helping you place smarter bets on the next game.

Roulette is one of the most sophisticated online games, where you can have great fun and huge profits by betting on one of the traditional casino games, in Europe, United States and all around the world in general.

But what we know about the history of this fascinating game, which dates back hundreds of years ago? It is not known exactly, but it is supposed that this game had its origin among the legionnaires of Ancient Rome and some believe that was Tibet where this game was originated.

However, according to the name “roulette”, it is most likely that the modern game as we know it, has had its origins in France. Apparently, then spread from there to England, America and around the world.

Let’s see which types are the best-known Internet Roulette types. There are two types of roulette, American and European.

The American has a “double zero” at the wheel, while the European version, which is the most popular around the world, has a single zero on the wheel. Normally we mainly play European roulette, but for those who love the American version, it is also available on our website.

Roulette is for excellence the symbol of land and online casinos. With the new technologies,  now you can play internet roulette from the comfort of your home with the big advantage that you can find a lot of games on a single website.
We can also play the most advanced version of the game, which is “mobile roulette”. where you can access the game from your mobile phone and enjoy a moment wherever you are.

How to Play Roulette

Beginners in the game of roulette must first understand the important rules that are needed in the game. A player must most of all understand that he cannot win in the long run. The general law of mathematics can not be manipulated in your favour no matter how you think of ways on how to do so.

If you are interested in playing roulette then go ahead and join the game but remember this is a game of chance and luck. A player should start wagering a unit on an even-cash bet which is called “trending”. Most roulette games give about fifteen numbers that can be used as a base of the player. If you are currently planning on joining a game that has no recorded historical facts or any data that you are familiar with, remember the fifteen to twenty decisions and wager on the best one to start with.

The Red and Black are your best choices as they are easily recognizable. This also works on an odd or an even number of high or low numbers. Also, black has a lot more decisions compared to red, despite the number of zeros that came out. So a player could start wagering on the black by using the lowest possible minimum at the table. For example, you can use about $5 dollars as your base wager.

A player should also not forget to record on which side would have won because that will serve as your reference in the long run. After eight turns, check the tally of your wins and losses. If you are even or even winning, then you could stay with your base unit like the five dollars. If you are losing, then wager the loss. If you are like at a -$20 dollars, then you could bet about $20 dollars. Before putting down your bet, look down at your record.

If black is still winning, then you could keep betting on the black side. If you do have higher revenue, then stop wagering at a higher amount and revert to the minimum amount. If you have reached an eight-count then you have already broken even.

Then, start all over again with the base wager until you reach an eight-count again. After that check, on which side of two, (the red or the black) is currently on the lead and then put your money on that side. A difference of this plan has the player putting up an additional unit so when he does win the game, he will have revenue.

Like if you are losing about $10 dollars, and then you could put down about $15 dollars. You are still encouraged to develop your own strategy in roulette based on these techniques. The most important thing is a system which is comfortable for you.

The Odds of Roulette

Have you ever wondered if there are really some good and effective strategies out there that can enable you to play a better game of roulette? As a matter of fact, most would say that one cannot simply make use of mathematical calculations in order to know all the outcomes of spins in a roulette game, nor is it possible to guarantee wins based on certain money management routines. However, there are indeed some ways to have an edge over the house and put the betting odds in one’s favor!

In a game of roulette, every spin that is made is totally independent of the previous spin. It is, after all, a game of chance. Some players will tend to bet on numbers that have not been picked yet, these numbers are called “sleeping numbers”. While other players like to observe certain color sequences and place wagers based on what they have observed. At the end of the day, both the payouts and odds serve in favor of the casino and not the player due to the setup and rules of the game. Because of the house’s inbred advantage in this game of chance, no one person can ever manipulate or change that fact.

So what can a player do in order to strengthen his chances of winning? Well, as discussed earlier, the European roulette game has a much smaller advantage to the house as compared to American roulette, so why not play the European version of the game instead? Certainly, it would be the wiser option!

Another way of improving one’s odds of winning is by placing wagers that would mirror the payouts. This would include placing wagers on Low, High, Even, Odd, Red, or Black. These are known as “even money” wagers.

One can also try to reduce the house edge to its lowest level as a means to heighten one’s odds of winning the game and leave the house edge with as low as 1.35 percent on a bet. This may be done by finding the roulette wheel that provides the “en prison” rule, wherein if a player makes an “even money” wager, if the ball should stop on a zero, he will not lose the amount that he has wagered. In observing the rule, the player’s wager is taken prisoner and is then put forward to the succeeding spin. Should one have a winning bit, he may then take it back.

There are many ways of increasing one’s chances of winning at a game of roulette. However, at the end of the day, it is still a game of chance and no sure way is available to guarantee a win. One can only observe certain techniques to increase his winning potential, and hope for the best!

Important Roulette Facts Every Player Should Know

Every player’s goal is to beat the roulette wheel with sure hits to earn more and more money. However, there certain things that they need to do in order to achieve their goal. Cheating is out of the question since no one can cheat the roulette wheel.

Nevertheless, there are systems that players can learn and follow to eventually beat roulette and get rich.

Yes, you can beat roulette but never with a mathematical system or any system that you can buy from the Internet that gives you false promises and hope.

No mathematical system can actually work for beating the roulette wheel because roulette works in a totally random fashion. The chances of you getting your bet even from the most simple of bets from any spin will always be at 50%. Either you get it or not. Just because the wheel hit red the last time does not mean it will hit black the next, or vice versa.

No spin affects another. Each spin is random. The roulette wheel does not have a memory chip inside like a computer; it simply does not work that way.

All the spins from the roulette wheel are different from one another and no future spin is related to its past spins. In simple terms, Roulette is purely a game of chance.

The Simple 1, 2, 3 Roulette System:

If you are an avid roulette player all you can do is to bet on the best bet on the roulette table and make sure that you are playing with the roulette wheel with your advantage higher.

Roulette System # 1: Play the European Roulette Wheel

The version of European Roulette has 37 slots as compared to American Roulette with 38 slots. This means that the European Roulette has only one zero (0), since American Roulette has two zeros, the zero (0) and the double zero (00).

European Roulette gives the casino an advantage of 2.7% while at the American Roulette the casino has an advantage of 5.26%. This is the reason why the European Roulette is the best roulette to play if you want to increase your winning odds.

Roulette System # 2 Avoid non-profit bets

The following are not so good bets that you should avoid. These are the best for all single numbers and avoid the five number bets as well. Both have the worst odds on the Roulette table.

Roulette System # 3: The Best Place to Bet

These are the best bet that you can do at the Roulette table, the even money bets like Odd, Even, High (19-36), Low (1-18), Black or Red.

If you bet on these places you will be given a payout of 1:1.

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