Santa’s Wonderland Slot

Santa’s Wonderland Slot

Pragmatic Play
RTP: 96.23%
Min. bet: 0.20

This Christmas, Santa is coming to a slot game! Users must hit 5 symbols connected horizontally or vertically on an 8×8 screen with colorful baubles for a prize. WILD symbols, which can replace any other symbol, are included in the festive package.

With different symbols, you may create many winning combinations with the same WILD sign. On successful combos, the tumble function pays out and replaces wins with new ones, allowing you to enhance your winnings if the tumble is generous.

The Spin Features, while also being an exciting and creative possibility, is one of them. Behind symbols are various colored markings in the base game. When a win occurs on top of the marking, several special features come into play to add more festive joy! Santa’s Wonderland has everything you need so that you don’t have to go looking for a unique present under the tree!

Santa’s Wonderland free play

Santa’s Wonderland RTP and game key feature

Game developer Pragmatic Play
RTP 96.23%, 95.46%, 94.49%
Reels 8
Paylines 20
Max bet 100
Max win x7500
Volatility High
Release date 2021

Santa is looking for his help to begin the holiday season at Social Tournaments – could it be you? This Christmas-themed video slot has everything we love about the season and more. The Santa’s Wonderland game is played on an 8×8 grid, in which you may wish to start writing your Christmas list in the chance of receiving a dream symbol payout or a stocking filler win of 7,500x the stake!

How to play?

The Santa’s Wonderland video slot is a high-volatility game with an RTP of 96.23 percent, offering players the chance to make large profits in a shorter time than usual.

The most frequent winning combinations will be paid out. When a player wins with numerous blocks, the total win is recorded. The amount of money wagered on the base bet is multiplied by all wins. All values are shown in terms of coins and not fractions. After the round has finished, MIDNIGHT RICHES victories will be given to you. The overall win history for MIDNIGHT RICHES

The smallest stake starts at 0.20 and can go up to 100.00, depending on the game type.

Bonus features

One of these perks can lead to a winter wonderland overflowing with victories if you unlock it.

Tumble feature – When the TUMBLE FEATURE is activated, at the end of each spin, all winning combinations are paid out and all winning symbols vanish. The remaining symbols on the screen will descend to the bottom and be replaced with new ones. The tumbling will continue until there are no more successful combinations or spin features due to the tumble. After all of the tumbles and spin effects from a basic spin have been completed, all wins will be added to the player’s balance.

At every spin in the base game, 5 unique markings will show up as snowflakes. One of each type will appear in random locations behind the symbols. When a win is achieved on top of a marked space, a special feature will be activated, depending on the color of the mark.

  • Blue Snowflake – A REFRESH is a standard feature of most games. The amount of spins required to win depends on the type of game and its popularity, but it’s generally a really long time.
  • Purple Snowflake – Wins a WILD SANTA. After all, the current spin has come to an end, and every instance of one random symbol is shown on the screen before transforming into a WILD.
  • Yellow Snowflake – Awards BLOCKS. Random blocks of 2×2 identical symbols are placed at random locations on the screen after all previous spins have ended.
  • Red Snowflake – A super-sized SUPERSIZE is announced. After all of the current spin’s tumbles have finished, a random block of three times, four squares, or five circles of the same symbol is placed in a random position on the screen.
  • Green Snowflake – LUCKY SANTA. After all of the spins have finished, 5 to 15 WILD symbols will appear on the screen in random locations, similar to a real slot machine’s sequence.

When several features are won on the same spin, they will be played in a predetermined order, as shown in the example below: REFRESH, WILD SANTA, BLOCKS, SUPERSIZE, and LUCKY SANTA.

Midnight riches progressive feature – At every spin, the number of winning symbols that mushroomed during the tumbles is tracked and added to the MIDNIGHT RICHES meter. When a predetermined number of symbols have been obtained, the MIDNIGHT RICHES function will be activated.

When no more symbols are exploding as a result of a tumble, the meter will reset back to zero.

To activate the MIDNIGHT RICHES feature, earn 140 points from the basic game spin with tumbles and spin features. The function will become operational after all of the current spins’ tumbles and spin modifiers have concluded.

The first level is where the feature begins. When the function is turned on, all spin modifiers are guaranteed to be played once per level, in order, and all wins have a win multiplier of 3x.

Collect as many winning symbols as possible during each level to move on to the following stage:

  • Level 2: Achieve 116 winning symbols. Level 2 has a 6x win multiplier.
  • Level 3: Achieve 120 winning symbols. Level 3 plays with a 9x win multiplier.
  • Level 4: Achieve 124 winning symbols. Level 4 plays with a 12x win multiplier.
  • Level 5: Achieve 132 winning symbols. Level 5 plays with a 15x win multiplier.

When the user’s winnings are insufficient to proceed to the next level, or when all of the spin features from level 5 have been used up, the feature ends.

Buy midnight Riches (Buy Feature) – If you buy the MIDNIGHT RICHES FEATURE for 100x the current total bet, it can be immediately activated from the base game. After all tumbling and spin features of the basic game have finished, the purchased function will become active.

The purchased MIDNIGHT RICHES allows you to advance through the game’s several stages. As follows, gather the winning symbols to progress:

  • Level 2: Collect 116 winning symbols. Level 2 plays with a 6x win multiplier.
  • Level 3: Collect 120 winning symbols. Level 3 plays with a 9x win multiplier.
  • Level 4: Collect 124 winning symbols. Level 4 plays with a 12x win multiplier.
  • Level 5: Collect 132 winning symbols. Level 5 plays with a 15x win multiplier.

RTP and Volatility

When walking through Santa’s Wonderland, keep an eye on your footing since it might be rather slick within. Set to a high level of volatility, the game pays out less on average but has a better chance of hitting bigger wins. The theoretical RTP is set at 96.23 percent, although it is adjustable, implying that it can be lower at certain sites.


Assemble as many Christmas symbols as you can. All symbols will be paid in blocks of at least five symbols that are horizontally or vertically linked. The game is played on a grid of 8×8 symbol squares.

  • Teddy Bear – Pays 100x the bet for 20-24 on a payline.
  • Toy Train – Pays 50x the bet for 20-24 on a payline.
  • Wooden Airplane – Pays 25x the bet for 20-24 on a payline.
  • Orange Bauble – Pays 12.5x the bet for 20-24 on a payline.
  • Red Bauble – Pays 10x the bet for 20-24 on a payline.
  • Green Bauble – Pays 7.5x the bet for 20-24 on a payline.
  • Blue Bauble – Pays 5x the bet for 20-24 on a payline.
  • Santa WILD – The WILD symbol is used instead of all other symbols. It will only appear as part of the WILD SANTA or LUCKY SANTA features. With various symbols, the same WILD sign may connect to create numerous winning combinations.
25+ – x500
20+ – x100
15+ – x25
12+ – x12.5
9+ – x6.25
8 – x2.5
7 – x1.25
6 – x0.75
5 – x0.5
25+ – x250
20+ – x50
15+ – x12.5
12+ – x6.25
9+ – x3.75
8 – x1.25
7 – x0.6
6 – x0.35
5 – x0.25
25+ – x150
20+ – x25
15+ – x7.5
12+ – x3.75
9+ – x1.85
8 – x0.6
7 – x0.35
6 – x0.25
5 – x0.15
25+ – x75
20+ – x12.5
15+ – x5
12+ – x2.5
9+ – x1.25
8 – x0.35
7 – x0.2
6 – x0.15
5 – x0.1
25+ – x50
20+ – x10
15+ – x3.75
12+ – x1.75
9+ – x1
8 – x0.3
7 – x0.2
6 – x0.15
5 – x0.1
25+ – x37.5
20+ – x7.5
15+ – x2.5
12+ – x1.25
9+ – x0.75
8 – x0.25
7 – x0.2
6 – x0.15
5 – x0.1
25+ – x25
20+ – x5
15+ – x1.85
12+ – x1
9+ – x0.5
8 – x0.2
7 – x0.15
6 – x0.1
5 – x0.05



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