Stars of Orion Slot

Stars of Orion Slot

ELK Studios
RTP: 95%
Min. bet: 0.20

The game’s name is Stars of Orion, and it was created by renowned developer ELK Studios. It became popular among slot gamers for its thrilling engine and incredible artwork, having been released on December 7th, 2021. This review covers all of the major features of the game, including the free demo mode accessible on SlotMode, which gives a good indication of what you’ll experience.

Stars of Orion Free Play

Stars of Orion RTP and Game Key Features

Game developer ELK Studios
RTP 95%
Reels 8
Paylines Cluster Pays
Volatility High
Max bet 100
Max win x10,000
Release date 2021

The slot machine named Stars of Orion is dedicated to one of the well-known celestial bodies. The Stars of Orion casino game has 6 reels, 8 rows, and a cluster win system. In the Stars of Orion slot machine, you’ll discover a host of features including symbols removal, extra wilds, multipliers, free spins, and X-iter modes. It’s owing to the x64 multipliers that allow you to amass ten times more than your stake in winnings.

The main symbols in Star of Orion are a cluster of six, a triangle, and a star. This 6×8 symbol grid slot has hexagonal clusters as prizes. The number of ways to win starts at 4,096 and can rise up to 262,144 when the maximum is reached. Matching clusters of five or more neighboring symbols are rewarded with wins. Spins may be undertaken for 0.20 to 100 credits each; however, the maximum bet per spin is only 0.05 credits (equivalent to $0.50). This game is extremely volatile and offers just one RTP version: 95 percent.

The constellation Orion is one of the most well-known constellations in Astronomy, after being named for a hunter by the Greeks. The arrangement forms his body, club, shield, and belt. Elk Studios cleverly attached wild symbols to map each group with three in a row for Orions Belt to match.

The backgrounds are for the most part dark, with a few patches of light in the form of fire or candles. The visuals resemble a Druids temple, which focuses attention on the formation. To complete a game that must be admired for its effort, Stars of Orion features industry-leading visuals and composition with powerful music to create an experience that has to be experienced.

Bonus Features

Elk Studios are well-known in the gaming industry for producing flawlessly polished high-end slot machines. Stars of Orion is part of a trilogy of games with a distinctive cascading design, starting with Cygnus and IO, then Bompers. Let’s have a look at what star formation the top game company has to offer us with Stars of Orion.


The avalanche function removes each winning cluster from the grid, triggering the gravity mechanism. New or continuing symbols tumble down left or right into the gaps, potentially producing additional clusters. Avalanches continue until no new wins are recorded.

Super Symbols

A Super Symbol can appear as a payment symbol. They have blue frames around them, which distinguishes them from regular symbols. When Super Symbols are utilized in a win, all winning symbols become the most valuable included symbol type if they connect with another winning cluster.

Magic Meter

The amount of the win is determined by a cluster’s contribution to the Magic Meter. Each time you complete a spin, your Magic Meter to the right is filled with each cluster victory. There are five distinct types of gems that fill up the meter, each with a different range of levels and win multipliers. The order and type of the gems in each sequence are randomized.

The win multiplier or Magic Feature is given to you after each stage. Win multipliers are immediately applied, while Magic Features are put in a queue and activated when there are no more victories to be earned. Throughout the Magic Features, any extra scatters in view stay on the grid, which might be one of the following:

Purple Gem | Symbol Swap: Any two adjacent symbols will be switched if it creates or improves a winning cluster. Symbols already part of a winning cluster will not swap and should no swaps be possible, one or two wild symbols will be randomly placed to compensate.

  • Green Gem | Orions Belt: Activates a free drop of symbols with 3 wild symbols in fixed positions to form Orions Belt.
  • Blue Gem | Orions Club: A free drop with 6 wild symbosl forming the shape of Orions Club.
  • Red Gem | Orions Shield: A free drop with 8 wild symbosl in the shape of Orions Sheild.
  • Gold Gem | Orion: A free drop with 13 wilds forming the full constellation of Orion.

Free Drops

Landing 3 bonus symbols activates 10 free drops. The progress of the Magic Meter in free drops is persistent; it does not reset between spins. Bonus symbols with a red frame around them might appear. These are super bonus symbols, which have a greater chance of showing up than regular bonus symbols. When all triggering bonus symbols are super, the super bonus round is activated, giving you 10 free drops with Super Symbols appearing more frequently than normal.


For a fixed increase in stake size, Elk Studios’ X-iter function provides either a Bonus Buy or a Win Spin Scenario. Each game has distinct options; features that trigger win spins, super bonuses, and more are all tailored to it. The Star of Orion X-iter Function allows players to pick from five different situations:

  • Guaranteed Win Spin | 5x Bet: Activates a standard drop with a guaranteed win.
  • Super Symbol Free Drop | 10x Bet: A free drop crowded with Super Symbols.
  • 3x Symbol Swap | 50x Bet: A free drop with three Symbol Swap features which are activated when no more wins occur. This mode keeps the Magic Meter stage throughout.
  • Free Drops Bonus | 100x Bet: A standard 10 drop bonus.
  • Super Bonus | 500x Bet: A Super Bonus with 10 free drops.

Stars of Orion Paytable

15+ – x200
14 – x100
13 – x50
12 – x25
11 – x15
10 – x10
9 – x1.75
8 – x1.5
7 – x1.25
6 – x1
5 – x0.75

15+ – x45
14 – x32
13 – x20
12 – x10
11 – x5
10 – x3.5
9 – x1.5
8 – x1.25
7 – x1
6 – x0.75
5 – x0.5

15+ – x40
14 – x28
13 – x16
12 – x8
11 – x4
10 – x3
9 – x1.5
8 – x1.25
7 – x1
6 – x0.75
5 – x0.5

15+ – x35
14 – x25
13 – x14
12 – x7
11 – x3.5
10 – x2.5
9 – x1.5
8 – x1.25
7 – x1
6 – x0.75
5 – x0.5

15+ – x4
14 – x2.3
13 – x1.8
12 – x1.3
11 – x1.05
10 – x0.55
9 – x0.3
8 – x0.25
7 – x0.2
6 – x0.15
5 – x0.1

15+ – x3.5
14 – x2.25
13 – x1.75
12 – x1.25
11 – x1
10 – x0.45
9 – x0.3
8 – x0.25
7 – x0.2
6 – x0.15
5 – x0.1

15+ – x3
14 – x2.2
13 – x1.7
12 – x1.2
11 – x0.95
10 – x0.4
9 – x0.3
8 – x0.25
7 – x0.2
6 – x0.15
5 – x0.1

15+ – x2.5
14 – x2.15
13 – x1.65
12 – x1.15
11 – x0.9
10 – x0.35
9 – x0.3
8 – x0.25
7 – x0.2
6 – x0.15
5 – x0.1






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